9 Social Media Trends that will Rule in 2020 Jan 03,2020


Social media trends are unpredictable. There might be people putting up polls on their stories one night, and using ‘ask me a question’ feature the other.

Social media trends are unpredictable. There might be people putting up polls on their stories one night, and using ‘ask me a question’ feature the other.

Social media has become a part of daily routines of our lives and for some, it has become business opportunities. Life, now, could not be imagined without social media platforms. Staying updated on the latest social media trends can help fuel your strategy and make you stand out in the crowd.

One might need social media marketer to help them understand the latest trends heading on social media and plan out strategy accordingly. Below given points can help you understand some trends on social media in coming year 2020.

Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2020

1)  Say Bye to Likes

Most of us are obsessed with the count of likes we get on Instagram and Facebook. We personally feel good if the number of likes exceeds than that on other posts.

But, these social media platforms are going beyond just likes. The apps will no longer show the counts of likes on the posts.


2) Delightful Shopping Experience

Shopping experience of every individual has enhanced since the businesses has been brought on social media platforms. Users, now, does not have to leave social media in order to shop the things they want. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other channels are now making your shopping easier.

Brands and marketers will leverage the marketing strategies in order to sell their products on these platforms. Social e-commerce is just going to expand in upcoming years. to expand in upcoming years.


3) Growth of Influencer Marketing

Most of the customers tend to trust on influencers more than anyone else when trying out a new dish or making purchasing decisions. This trust has grown to people they follow on social media.

Customers now seek reviews from people on social media, ranging from celebrities to niche artists and experts in specific fields. According to a research, 60% of influencers plan on increasing budget in 2020.

Influencer marketing also shows how to make use of social media for marketing, as it is only going to grow in near future.


4) Artificial Intelligence on the GO

Artificial intelligence was not seen before on any social platform. But now it has been implemented on social platforms for better customer experience. Chatbot is an example of AI technology.

Hike, the famous social media application originated from India, has a chatbot named, Natasha. It replies with most relevant answers to the questions asked. Here, applying chatbot, man power has been at ease and can be used on other features.

The technology will soon transform social media on a new and different level. The main feature of implementing AI on any platform is its responsiveness.

So, AI technology is expected to be in trend in social media in upcoming years.


5) Niche based social platforms

Two of the names we all get on our tongue when social media is mentioned are Facebook and Instagram. These 2 platforms have long dominated social media as largest platforms.

But besides Faceook and Instagram, other platforms have risen significantly. For example, tik tok, which was launched in 2016, has wide and huge audience on it today. Other than that, Linkedin is a platform preferred by both B2C and B2B companies. Gaming has also gained much fame since last 1-2 years. Twitch is been used by the gamers to stream their game play online.

Talents have been showcased by the users on different and specific platforms in order to gain popularity. And are also getting huge audience to appreciate if showcased on feasible platform.

As it is far known by everyone now, that social media is not only for entertainment purpose and that on how to use social media in a proper way. Niche platforms were never down in the market, but it is only going to get leverage as number of talents is seen around us.


6) Video content domination

Users tend to more engage in videos than with text form. Video content has been winning all over social  media platforms. Social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, tik-tok, et cetera. Holds a huge number of active users. Because users like to see something creative rather than reading something.

According to a study, about 80% of all online content will be video content in 2022. Those who will not be producing video content for their brands/products will have tough time.


7) Local audience targeting

You might not be knowing that you can reach and attract audience from a specific geo-graphical location by adding location on your posts. A lot of brands targets local audience using location-based targeting. For example, if you use the “boost post” option on Facebook, you can also select the locations that you want to target. Facebook will show your posts to users in those locations.

These help in increased engagements and reach specifically in local area.


8) Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is something which is displayed for short duration and disappeared afterwards. Stories on social media are the best example of ephemeral content. Earlier, only stories were exclusive only to Snapchat. Further, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook also implemented stories feature.

Many users uses social media and only swipes stories without scrolling down the posts. Ephemeral content has proved to be engaging on all social media platforms and will be in trend.


9) Augmented Reality

AR technology has been long existed on social media without you having knowledge. Various filters of glasses and makeup and caps etc. you have been using and putting up stories is an example of AR technology.

According to an article, Instagram is testing out integrated augmented reality in its app. Meaning users can virtually try out things before buying it. AR still is not much involved in the social media market, but it has a lot of capability to enhance user experience.



In a nutshell, you might want to stay updated with the upcoming trends in order to enhance your content marketing strategy. Above given some points will help you look out for all possible trends on social media in upcoming years.

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