10 Benefits to Expect from the Latest Android 10 Nov 11,2019


It's time to get introduced with Android 10, the latest Android version recently launched. To make our lives easier with power-packed features and must-needed functionalities, Android has bought new technologies like 5G and foldable devices. The all-new and updated Android version are brought to you with the plethora of changes in privacy and security norms, making it more reliable for every user. User benefits like data protection, transparency, and control over the data are what you can expect to offer by this newer version.

Let us check what other aspects we would be dealing with in Android 10. Mobile application development companies will need to stay right up for adopting the changes and giving out their best in terms of Android mobile applications studded with the latest features. 


1. Smart Reply

Whenever any sender sends a message containing an address, a YouTube video or any website link, you can directly click on the link and it will open with just a tap. No need to copy and paste the link manually. This feature also works within the messaging app and links sent through messages are just a tap away.  


2. Dark Mode

Access the dark side now. You can enable now a dark theme into your phone with this new Android 10. You can either limit it for some apps or change the entire look and feel too dark. 


3. Smooth Navigation

Swiping and navigation are now extremely easy with this new version. Transiting forward and backward within apps is now no matter of time. Back buttons will not be visible after switching to Android 10. 


4. Live Captioning  

A live caption is a new feature you would experience. Any videos, podcasts and audio messages will be automatically captioned. It is now available with Android 10 and Pixel will receive it first of all. 


5. Share Location Data when Needed

Location data can now be shared only when required by the apps. You will receive a notification when the app will use your location data even when you don't want it. Thus, you can decide whether to allow or stop sharing. 


6. All Settings at Place 

In this new Android version, you will find all the important controls like Web and app activity data and ad settings in one single place. 


7. Fix it 

When there is an update available for the Google play system, a security notification will automatically prompt in the new Android version and you could directly update all the apps as soon as the update is available. Even if the OS version update is half done, an app update can be performed. 


8. Control Notifications

Where and when to get the notification will now be in your hands. You can mark which notifications should be showed and which should be hidden. 


9. Family Link

Every device with Android 10 will have a family link option in its settings under the digital wellbeing option. Parents can now set or limit the screen time and restrict the over usage of the smartphone to their children. Not only this, parents can keep an eye over the apps installed on their kid's cell phone. Mobile application development companies of India will now be building security-centric apps showing real-time data in no time.


10. Focus Mode

In Android version 10 features, you will find the flexibility to silent the apps that may distract you by frequent notifications. These apps will remain silent until you are out of the focus mode.


Explore extensive features by trying a beta version. 

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