Effective Direct Marketing Tips for Your E-Commerce Website Applications Feb 15,2020


Marketing of eCommerce applications are as important as that of its development. The continuous juggling to come up with some of the unique marketing techniques. Direct marketing strategies really impact people. Thus, rather investing every chunk from your budget into paid marketing promotions, trying some other techniques can give wonderful results though.

Mails on the Go

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Whenever a customer enters an eCommerce store, he/she is likely to share his/her address to proceed with the placing an order. Rather keeping that valuable intact, try using it smartly and come up with a mailing list consisting readers that would love keeping themselves updated with a the latest offers and discount offerings. Send them physical mails with latest happenings into your online store. Inform them about advantages like effective customer services and free shipping will not only boost the sales but also will invite new customers and encourage them to become a customer. Not every age group tries shopping online. So, why don't we educate the ones who are unaware of the shopping trend, which in-turn might extend your customer family.

Emails not to be Ignored

Ecommerce Application Development

You will get your customer's email address anyhow as they don't mind sharing it. What next? Half of your work is simply done. You need an eye-catchy subject line, insightful content crafted professionally and you are good to go. You may include preview text that gives precise information. Make it short, crunchy and punchy. A perfect call-to-action will make your email copy smart and compelling. With these guidelines, you can convert your window shoppers into dedicated customers.  Ecommerce solution development companies these days also help you with marketing tactics. If you do not want to suffer all the pain yourself, it is better to hire professional digital marketers or can also add to your website development service package.

Focus on SMS Campaigns

The cell phones number you ask your customers for either login or OTP can be used for SMS campaigns. You can send them messages for new product arrivals, discounts, upcoming sales or even wish them birthdays and anniversaries. Creating a bond and working upon how to enhance it, acts wonders. SMS campaigns by some of the top digital marketing companies have received a huge response with a creative initiative. Even if only around 5% of the customers react over it, you are good to go. The eCommerce application development companies have come up with several functionalities on knowing the fact that SMS campaigns will be engaging and less time-consuming. Thus, pounding upon the newest marketing trend can and will boost the sales terribly.

WhatsApp Messages are Influencing

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WhatsApp text is another easy way to get connected with your customers or let's say to-be customers. There's no doubt in the fact that we keep ourselves busy with our smart phones even when there is no notification received from any of the social media platforms. Simply leverage this habit of your prospects and you could walk a step closer. Craft some highly engaging WhatsApp messages and send it to your users, they are likely to open it anyhow; so simply leverage the advantages and hit it right. This is why digital marketing companies these days have started reframing their digital marketing strategies to get the best out of their tactics.

Flyers or Leaflets

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If you are in the dilemma about what is better a radio ad or a leaflet for direct marketing, go for leaflets because you can conquer broader horizons. Sending door to door leaflets will enhance the brand visibility. You need not have their physical address, all you need to do is send it to their home by any means and you are done. Keep in mind that for great results, the flyer or leaflet that you have designed has to be designed that it could connect with your readers right away. 

My 2 cents

In-person selling can grow your eCommerce business for sure. Above mentioned are only some of the tried and tested strategies to boost the sales. Actually there are way more than these. But these techniques will get you the brand visibility that no tactic would get you the one.

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