Mobile Application Development Trends of 2020 you Cannot Ignore Feb 26,2020


It will not be wrong if we say, the mobile app revolution that occurred a few years back has bought a plethora of opportunities to leverage for Android application development professionals. With extensive features and exclusive functional abilities, the Android system adds value to our day to day life. Be it education, entertainment or business, there's something productive for every industry when it comes to Android implementation. Let's meet some of the thriving Mobile Application Development trends in 2020.

Why Mobile Application Development Service is Much in Demand?

There are several causes why the mobile application development arena sets new benchmarks every time Google shares an Android version update. With every new version of the Android mobile operating system, there come new challenges for mobile application developers. Though iOS 14 is expected to arrive later in 2020, this news has impacted the development community remarkable and they have geared up to deliver iOS apps compatible with the beta version of this iOS 14. 

Numbers show that the average spending on mobile apps by any customer has increased to 4.11 from 4.04 in late 2019. For the past 4 years, consumers have downloaded more than 200 billion mobile apps crossing the previous number i.e. 140 billion downloads of Android mobile applications.

Mobility On the Go

The experts from the industry are embarking on the mobility feature of the Android application development aiming to get the most out of it in 2020. Improving process efficiency and adding to the capabilities of any organization along with offering some of the brilliant product range, up to the mark services and customer relationship. Developing expertise onto the mobility functionality of the Android development solution is all about getting thorough knowledge to leverage its overwhelming benefits.

Multiplatform Development - The Next Big Thing

With myriads of development tools already available, professional Android mobile application developers needs to educate themselves with all 3 giants Android, iOS and Windows along with the available architectures like a hybrid, native and mobile web using HTML5. The multiplatform feature is undoubtedly the trend to watch out for in the year 2020. Mobile application development companies will come up with great ways to capitalize on this smart feature.

User Experience Not to Be Ruled Out

Visuals were, are and will always keep stealing the attention. The same is the case here with mobile applications too. The look and feel of every mobile application do matter. It has to be appealing for a user to spend extensive time within your mobile application and only a smart design will be able to win the time of their visitors. Put your best foot forward and offer them the functionality that they would love spending time with and you would notice a gradual rise in its downloads too.

Your Location will be Noted

Well, you can deliver your customers relevant information about your products and service on sensing their geographical locations. There is an app offered by brands to make their customer experience simply 'wow'. As customers enter the premises, they should be greeted to make them feel your business care for them. Wifi, beacons, and geomagnetism are a few of the popular technologies that will help to concrete this trend in 2020. Even the Android application development companies in India keep on delivering innovative mobile applications to fulfill the desires of a unique mobile experience.

Wearable Devices will Rule

With the advent of creative range wearable devices, there arises the need of apps compatible with these devices. Thus, here is an opportunity for modern application development companies to gear up and come up with highly functional and features-packed applications and delight the users. 2020 is the year where wearable device app development will be on the top.


These trends will not only be seen in 2020, but they seem to play a long inning. So, sit back, relax and witness some of the highly innovative mobile and wearable applications that will win millions of hearts.

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