World’s First Fully Autonomous Electric Flying Car by Ola Jun 15,2021


Imagine if someone, 10 years ago, came to you and told you about the concept of self-driving cars, would you be able to believe it?

Let me guess, your answer would be no, in fact, unbelievable! But it has come alive today. And you can see self-driving cars running on the road like any other car. 


One same concept has come alive that is of a fully autonomous electric flying car by Ola AirPro. It claims that the amazing car is now ready for a test drive. 


OOPS! Not for a test drive, for a test flight. My bad.


Read the blog till the end to know all the details regarding the features of the car and about what exactly was the motive behind it. 


All You Need to Know 


This is the world's first fully autonomous electric flying car by Ola AirPro


The team at Ola AirPro has been working on the project for the last 6 years. The team had a vision for the project and they have given consistent efforts to this. They've failed on many attempts as the car didn’t fly, but they didn’t give up and started from the start again. 


The main motive was that they wanted to revolutionize urban mobility and that every citizen should experience the joy of flying. 


This is going to be the first flying car in India. This extra-awesome car comes with mind-blowing features. 


Let’s dive deep into each and every feature.




The car is not only awesome in real life but is also advantageous to the environment as it releases 0% of CO2 emissions. A good approach I must say. 


It is 100% electric and hence, need not worry about the fuel prices touching sky high. 


The top speed (Air) achieved by the car is 350 km/hour and the top speed (Land) is 200 km/hour. And it has an infinite range. And it weighs 333 kgs. 


10,000 feet is its maximum flight height. 


The big relief is that it does not need any license as it is completely autonomous and can fly on auto-pilot mode. 


Being an electric car, charging is something you might be wondering about. But let me tell you its battery is made up of Ethereum-ion cells which just need to be charged once and it powers itself while it runs. It is powered by self-charging PuraCell battery technology. No need to buy separately either. 


So, yes, charge it once and it’ll work for eternity. How cool is that!


Moreover, it needs neither runway nor any fly-space. It is powered by VTOL technology. VTOL stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing. 


Yes, you heard it right. The Ola AirPro takes off and lands vertically anytime, anywhere. 


Finding a parking spot in urban cities could be a nightmare sometimes, we all know. There is a network of foldable hexagonal landing pads called the OlaHive- for every rooftop, built by Ola AirPro together with urban planning experts, the government, and the AirPolice. The car gets parked in the nearest parking spot.   


The body of the car is made up of the new age materials using carbon fiber and titanium, sustainably sourced from F1 cars, Germany, fighter jets from the US, and soft drink cans from Shivajinagar. 


As I said it is fully autonomous and safe, it swerves out of the way of birds and planes, and other objects in the sky, if any. 


As there’s no engine to run, the Ola AirPro cabin is the most noiseless, making the urban mobility quietest experience. The cabin is auto noise-cancellation which maintains the quiet whether you’re on-road or flying high in the sky. 


Winding up...


Imagine how it would be like to watch the cars in the sky along with the airplanes. 


The introduction of this car will really change our way of looking at cars. Who knew there would be flying cars in the future.


It's no longer that the future of urban mobility is going to evolve, that will be so good to witness. 


Lastly, I would just like to add that with this car, you decide whether you want to be road-bound or air-borne. 


Thank you for reading till here.

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