5 Technologies You didn’t Believe could Actually Exist!

5 Technologies You didn’t Be..

Change is the only constant. Technologies have been kept evolving with time. Innovation played a vital role in the advancement of technology. The simplest possible form of technolo

by Zenerva Software 2020 Jan 08
9 Social Media Trends that will Rule in 2020
Social Media

9 Social Media Trends that wil..

Social media trends are unpredictable. There might be people putting up polls on their stories one night, and using ‘ask me a question’ feature the other.

by Zenerva Software 2020 Jan 03
6 Best Ways to Optimize Website Speed
Digital Marketing

6 Best Ways to Optimize Websit..

Loading time of any website should be minimal. Minifying the resources and heavy code that loads in processor helps improve efficiency of a website and boosts conversion rates.

by Zenerva Software 2019 Dec 27
10 Benefits to Expect from the Latest Android 10
Andriod Development

10 Benefits to Expect from the..

It's time to get introduced with Android 10, the latest Android version recently launched. To make our lives easier with power-packed features and must-needed functionalities, Andr

by Zenerva Software 2019 Nov 11
Top 3 Things to Consider while Hiring Android application Developers
Andriod Development

Top 3 Things to Consider while..

Android is the name known to everyone. It is the second widely used mobile operating system, iOS still holds the first position. Millions of mobile applications are developed and u

by Zenerva Software 2019 Sep 17
AI is all set to Revolutionize Mobile Application Development Process
Andriod Development

AI is all set to Revolutionize..

Artificial intelligence, also termed as AI is one of the latest trends. Here functional machines are made to execute and function as the humans do. Activities like speech recogniti

by Zenerva Software 2019 Jun 12
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